Abraham’s Woods, SNA #38 (52/674)

Abraham’s Woods is a southern mesic forest in Green County.  As the location is not disclosed by the DNR, it will not be disclosed here.  Permission is required for visiting.

This site has the quintessential Wisconsin forest with a variety of tree species and ages.  A sandstone rich arcs through the site and gives it the feeling of an amphitheater.  A wonderful display of wildflowers appears in the spring with a variety of violets, trilliums, dutchman’s breeches, Canada mayapple, and cut-leaved toothwort.  A rookery, or nesting area, for great blue herons is also located here and great care must be made to minimize any disturbance during the nesting season or the herons will abandon the rookery.  All in all, I really enjoy the feel of Abraham’s Woods and will be returning often in the future.

More of my photos from Abraham’s Woods can be viewed here.

Additional Information

SNA # 38
County Green
Natural Communities / Geology
Southern Mesic Forest
Size (Acres) na
Parking na
Trails Yes
Easy to Find No
Best Seen By Foot
Marked Boundaries No
Ownership Wisconsin DNR
Located Within na
Dates Visited 8.9.09 / 4.15.12 / 5.3.14

Green County
Location not disclosed

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