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Stories About the Project

Original Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article

Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR) – The Joy Cardin Show episode (visit link for audio)

Standing Cedars Land Conservancy newsletter (PDF, page 5)

PBS – Wisconsin Life episode (visit link for video)

Dan Small Outdoor Radio (on behalf of NRF; press release; air date Sat. 12/19/15)

Natural Resources Foundation blog post (written by me)

Wisconsin DNR Natural Heritage Conservation Bureau – 2014 Annual Report (Featured Photographer)

A blog post in which someone mentions the JS article

Wisconsin Dells Events article – Funny thing is that I was never interviewed for this one.  I think the writer just pulled quotes from the aforementioned Wisconsin Life episode on PBS

Things I Have Written About the Project

This Blog

Natural Resources Foundation blog posts

Selected Featured Photographs

Rockford Map Plat Books

Charleston Magazine – “Go Native!” article

Book – Gardening for the Birds – 2 photos used

2014 NRF Annual Report (PDF) article –  8 Dreamy Long Trails That Aren’t the Triple Crown – 1 photo used –These 9 Epic Hills In Wisconsin Will Drop Your Jaw – 7 photos used