Cherney Maribel Caves (259/679)

Cherney Maribel Caves features a limestone bluff indented with what could loosely be described as caves (and more accurately referred to as cracks, crevices, and the like).  The natural area is found within the namesake park, located on the east side of CTH Z south of Cooperstown in northern Manitowoc County.  A large parking area is present within the park and trails loop through the park above and below the bluff.

Despite its name, Cherney Maribel Caves does not feature a true cave system.  Instead you will find various crevices and indentations in the side of the bluff.  That said, excavations by the Wisconsin Speleological Society continue to this day and are have uncovered at least one cave room.  The parking area is on the blufftop and stairs lead down the bluff near the south side of the natural area.  I found this forested floor beneath the bluff to be a particulary beautiful area consisting of numerous cedars and ferns amidst the rocky talus.  I spent most of my time wondering this verdant green jungle before making my way back up the bluff on the north side to view the ruins of an old hotel, the walls of which had stood for many years until a tornado tore through the area recently.  Cherney Maribel Caves is high on my revisit list so that I can get a better look at some of the ‘caves’ as well as explore the area along the West Twin River a bit more.

More of my photos (and full-res) from Cherney Maribel Caves can be viewed here.

Additional Information

SNA # 48
County Manitowoc
Natural Communities / Geology Cave, Bluff, Forest
Size (Acres) 10
Parking Parking Area (paved)
Trails Yes
Easy to Find Yes
Best Seen By Foot
Marked Boundaries No
Ownership Manitowoc County; More info: Wisconsin DNR
Located Within

Cherney Maribel Caves County Park

Dates Visited 5.27.12

Manitowoc County

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