New Munster Bog Island (321/693)

New Munster Bog Island State Natural Area contains a small hill, or knoll, surrounded by shrub-carr and tamaracks in southern Kenosha County.  I found the DNR prescribed access to be fairly straightforward.  From a State Wildlife Area parking area on the north side of 75th St, a rudimentary path leads to Palmer Creek.  I recall that it was only a few inches deep and easy walkable, though your mileage may vary based on time of year and recent weather.  The path continues to a farm field, after which comes the shrub-carr/tamarack that forms a moat around the knoll.

All those years ago, my focus was to make it to the knoll, which in all honesty, I found not to be all that exciting.  The trek to the knoll through the surrounding wetlands was less than ‘fun’ and the thick understory on the island itself made substantial forward movement a difficult task.  Additionally, lighting on the island was quite poor for photographs, even with full sun beating the treetops.  I suspect my opinion may change a bit if I were to revisit the site now.  I would like to spend more time exploring the surrounding wetlands, with the proper gear (I would suggest rubber boots at minimum) on a less hot/humid day. 

More of my photos (and full-res) from New Munster Bog Island can be viewed here.

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Additional Information

SNA # 53
County Kenosha
Natural Communities / Geology Bog, Southern Hardwood Forest, Shrub-Carr
Size (Acres) 61
Parking Parking Area
Trails No
Easy to Find Yes
Best Seen By Foot
Marked Boundaries No
Ownership Wisconsin DNR
Located Within New Munster State Wildlife Area
Dates Visited 8.29.13

Kenosha County

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