Kohler Park Dunes (238/679)

Kohler Park Dunes features a stunning series of sand dunes and a mile of Lake Michigan shoreline within Kohler-Andrae State Park in Sheboygan County.  Several access points can be used including parking areas on Beach Park Lane at the northern boundary, near the Sanderling Nature Center in the park, and on Old Park Road at the southern boundary.  A cordwalk and network of trails lead through the dunes and a nice loop can be hiked in conjunction with a return trip along the lakeshore.

The dunes, such as these at Kohler-Andrae State Park, are amazing natural landforms that can only in a handful of locations in the state.  Though stabilized now by vegetation, the dunes represent points in history when the water level of Lake Michigan was much higher. It receded over the course of thousands of years, leaving these dunes as remnants of what once was.  Be sure to remain on the cordwalk to protect the dunes from damage and erosion.  Wetlands can be found in the space between dunes and a small dry-mesic forest with white pine is also present.  The scenery is stunning, and was especially so on the sunny, blue-sky day of my visit.  Though it was mid-September and little was to be seen in the form of flowering species, there was no shortage of beauty to behold.  I look forward to the opportunity to return here again.

More of my photos (and full-res) from Kohler Park Dunes can be viewed here.

Additional Information

SNA # 71
County Sheboygan
Natural Communities / Geology Sand Dunes, Northern Dry-Mesic Forest, Lake, Wetland
Size (Acres) 154
Parking Parking Area
Trails Yes
Easy to Find Yes
Best Seen By Foot
Marked Boundaries No
Ownership Wisconsin DNR
Located Within
Dates Visited 9.17.11

Sheboygan County

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