Pine Hollow, SNA #45 (19/674)

A deep quartzite gorge is the prominent feature at Pine Hollow, which is a large, more diverse version of nearby Pan Hollow.  The gorge rises 300′ in places.  There are a variety of other habitats present here ranging from a prairie opening to moist cliffs to a sedge meadow.  Also present are rockshelters used by early Native Americans.  There are a few ways to access this site.  Mentally reconstructing my visits from 6 years ago, it looks like my first attempt was from Orchard Rd which involved walking through an old field replete with invasives including crown vetch and orange hawkweed.  Eventually my wife and I found our way to an access road that descended steeply toward the hollow.  However, an unfortunate combination of sunscreen, bugspray, and perspiration led to my wife’s face swelling up and our subsequent early departure.  On my return visit, I came in from Pine Hollow Rd which becomes gravel.  A short descent down a forested hill and I was right at the rockshelters.  I plan a revisit here to see the main gorge and try and find the prairie opening.

More of my photos from Pine Hollow can be viewed here.

Additional Information

SNA # 45
County Sauk
Parking Roadside
Trails Yes/No
Easy to Find No
Best Seen By Foot
Marked Boundaries No
Ownership The Nature Conservancy (More info: Wisconsin DNR)
Located Within na
Dates Visited 6.21.09 / 6.27.09

Sauk County

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